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Guangzhou oasis hotel

Guangzhou oasis hotel is located in zhuhai new kau east road 315-317, is a quasi four-star business hotel chain (reception guests) set of accommodation, conference, diet, entertainment in one comprehensive hotel, the housekeeping department, food and beverage center, business cen...

Guangzhou oasis hotel is located in the guangzhou zhuhai new kau east road 315-317, convenient near pazhou convention and exhibition center business hotel. Three large and medium-sized institutions, such as hotel back to business school is opposite the ecological reserve in guangzhou - ten thousand mu of fruit wood, you never leave home can out of oasis, for one of the city residents leisure can also participate in ten thousand mu of fruit wood seasonal fruit picking activities organized by the hotel, make you enjoy the orchard pick pleasure. The hotel has more than 150 fashion business rooms and duplex luxury suites, all rooms have free broadband Internet access, and domestic long-distance, local free play, the lobby rest area set up computer free Internet access for the guest, offer free shuttle during size pazhou convention and exhibition, hotel business center at any time to provide you with warm and thoughtful, efficient service to help your business activity more pleasant and smooth. The hotel can accommodate 400 people dining at the same time the cui yuan seafood restaurant, full-bodied local characteristics in the south, is the best choice for your festival party.